Fall Trends

In spirit of Fashion Week month I've taken the time to develop a list of trends that were note-worthy on each of fashion's high-end couture lines. Theme: Space - Motto: Sparkle From Saint Laurent to Chanel, to Paco Rabanne and more - the runways were filled with silvers, metallics and glitter to add sparkle to… Continue reading Fall Trends

Picture’s Like An Influencer Challenge

Throughout the past few years people's interest on the modelling industry has peaked  and with this, their desire to become and Instagram model thanks to big names such as Kendall Jenner, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Cara DeLavigne and countless others who have taken over the world one Instagram post at a time. The popularity these… Continue reading Picture’s Like An Influencer Challenge

Boujee Style – Broke People

If you are anything like me, you definitely understand the struggle that is wanting your outfit to look like a million bucks but only having $200 in your bank account. Fear not! I am known as the queen of finding cheaper alternatives that look similar - if not identical - to high-end couture pieces that… Continue reading Boujee Style – Broke People

The Tedious Task Of Finding a Decent Guy

If you're a woman and found humour in this title, then let me tell you you've most likely  experienced this level of frustration at some point in time, otherwise you wouldn't be smiling at your computer or phone screen thinking of Stephen from college who made you fall for him only to find out he… Continue reading The Tedious Task Of Finding a Decent Guy

Recovering From Lash Extensions 101

We've all done it: finding out about a new trend in the beauty world and knowing it might cause some permanent damage - perms, straightening hair, acrylic nails, etc - but yet, we're always inclined to do it anyway. It's not easy being a girl and I'll be the first to tell you that. Last… Continue reading Recovering From Lash Extensions 101

Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why (Spoilers)

I am sure that by now you've at least heard about this new show on Netflix, whether it was by word of mouth, on social media, TV, or because you're an avid Selena Gomez fan and know she's one of the executive producers. 13 Reasons Why is originally a novel by Jay Asher and it… Continue reading Reasons Why You Should Watch 13 Reasons Why (Spoilers)

My Trip to Verona; the City of Love

Italy is one of my favorite countries in Europe. Not only because of the amazing food or because wine is cheaper than water there, but because each city distinctly holds its own identity. Most people think of Rome, Venice, Florence or Pisa when considering traveling to Italy, and to be frank I used to as… Continue reading My Trip to Verona; the City of Love

Why Everyone Should Stop Hating On Taylor Swift

    Even if you’re not into the showbiz drama, I’m confident you’ve heard what’s happened between Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian. It is no secret that Taylor Swift has been seen entrained in similar situations before but Kenye West is no neophyte to celebrity drama either. He has initiated several celebrity feuds involving him… Continue reading Why Everyone Should Stop Hating On Taylor Swift

Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel for a Week – Challenge

Since my last "Kendall and Kylie for a Week" post received such positive feedback, I decided to do something similar again. However, this one is a little less fashion based and a lot more focused on lifestyle. I was on my break at work the other day (I'm a sales representative at Victoria's Secret) and my co-worker and… Continue reading Train Like a Victoria’s Secret Angel for a Week – Challenge